Insurance Adjuster's

Triple Nickel and Ernie’s are dedicated to providing you with traceable, manageable quotes. Both of our sites offer a very large inventory of recycled car and truck parts, windshields, door glass, and glass installation. At our facilities we realize the collision centers must receive the highest quality recycled car and truck parts. We have assembled two dedicated teams of people that work diligently each day to provide such products to our customers.

If you are looking for recycled parts from a company that will deal directly with the repairer, we are right for you. It’s simple; Call 717-267-2500 or 304-274-1133 to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales associates to receive your fast trackable quote. Contact the collision or repair center of your choice, and provide them with the quote number. They simply give us a call and we take care of processing your order from beginning to end. Our team will prepare and inspect your order, deliver the products and field any follow up questions or concerns directly with the repairer. NO HASSLE.
Chambersburg, PA - 717-267-2500   •   Martinsburg, WV - 304-274-1133   •
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